Initial thoughts and reasons for blogging about Education

… and yes, I have spelt Education with a capital E!


Ever since I was young I have been keen to speak out. During my teacher training I was the NUT rep, the one that spoke out for the other students. Since my training I have still continued that voice and have often been thanked for sharing my views, advice and just being vocal. More and more recently, I have had colleagues, and peers, ask me to start a blog to provide a realistic teacher voice.

I am hoping that this blog will provide a voice for all those teachers that are struggling everyday, often just to get through the day, and realise that they are not alone. Although it is from an English teacher perspective, it should share the general atmosphere and climate of teaching at the moment. I am currently a Head of Department with many additional responsibilities and roles (that are expected but not recognised in my job title).

training mind

This blog post explains my initial reasons and thoughts behind blogging about Education and ideas for teaching in the UK. This was my original ‘about’ page, and you can see that my blogging plans have now changed. I do intend to still blog about my thoughts about UK Education, and that will be under separate pages, but my main purpose is to provide a realistic and helpful insight into ways of teaching a variety of students, making sure that they all enjoy and succeed in English. Plus, of course, the importance of helping a teacher enjoy their job once again…


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