Flipping it…

One thing I love is flipping my classroom on its head.

The flipped classroom is one that is busy, engaged and has plenty of ‘deeper’ developed learning activities happening from start to finish. The students that participate allow themselves to ‘master’, truly develop their understanding, and show their knowledge in a variety of creative and interesting ways. It’s a little like applying Blooms at every stage within one lesson. It also allows students to develop their understanding and learning at their own pace, not worrying about their peers in the classroom.

What is Flipped Learning?

Teaching is often considered to be an ‘art’. The idea of Education being an art would usually allow us to assume that there should be some element of creativity involved. When I first went into teaching, I wanted to make sure that my students would never have to suffer the repetitive teacher led drone that I had endured during my education in the 1970s and 80s. However, with an ever-increasing focus on schools data, Ofsted and exam results, along with continual student assessment, teaching is starting to lean towards the rote dictatorial teaching that I hated as a learner.

How to lose the fear of introducing Flipped Learning into YOUR classroom
Unless students learn within a physical and emotional climate that supports their learning, no teaching method can be truly effective. It’s like trying to set off on a car journey when there’s only a dribble of petrol left in the tank.’ Jarvis Hayes.
I like to read a lot of Ken Robinson  theories, and agreed with how he thinks that we need to encourage a more Creative society and Education system. But what is Creativity? How do we encourage it in Education? Should it be restricted to certain subjects, or teachers, or even classes?  By flipping your classroom – which ever subject you teach – you can make your lessons more engaging and creative from start to finish… and beyond.

“The object of teaching a child is to enable him to get along without a teacher.” Elbert Hubbard


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