Look here for ideas on teaching English to students of different abilities, to teach English to students for whom it may not be their first language, for finding ways of engaging your class, to think about how you can get the students to work harder than you, and finally to start to love your job once more.

My reasons for blogging about Education have changed from a year ago when I initially set this page up. My reasons and enthusiasm for teaching have also changed. I have gone from teaching at a local comp to now teaching at an international school on the other side of the world.

Initially, I wanted to blog about my thoughts about education in the UK and how the constant changes were affecting teachers. I had the role of Head of Faculty, and led two departments including English as a core subject. I was on SLT but not ‘officially’ in name (only in responsibilities). I was losing my love for teaching the kids through the enforced data, observations/ learning walks, critical reviews of people in my team that I was desperate to support, being directed to spend 24/7 working on the job. The job was killing me. I had to leave for my sanity and my health.

After completing my degree, my PGCE and my Masters I was quite reluctant after teaching for only 7 years to quit altogether and go back into industry. A number of ex-colleagues convinced me to think about teaching overseas, and now here I am.

I hope that you will find my thoughts, ideas and suggestions helpful. If there is anything you want to ask, please do.

Comments, tweets and shares are all appreciated.





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